Welcome from the Pastor...  

Pastor Troy Rumore

Welcome to Living Covenant Church! It is my hope and desire that you will come to know the Person of Jesus Christ. He is the source for all that we have. It is only by His Grace that I am even here today. I love to share the finished work of Jesus which is the Good News that changes lives. I want you to know that Grace (unearned, unmerited favor) is a gift and not a reward! In Christ, God looks at you as completely righteous and this is not based on anything you do but on the finished work of Jesus (Rom. 5:17).Jesus is life to me and my family. I have been called to preach the good news that, in Him, we are free from condemnation, shame and guilt .It is my passion and joy to see people set free from these. In Christ, you are highly favored and richly blessed! Thanks again for joining us!


                                                                                         In Love with Jesus

                                                                                                                 Pastor Troy